Evan Husney

James Nguyen: The Worst Movie Ever Made?


James Nguyen: The Worst Movie Ever Made?

VICE: OUTSIDER, Episode #4

After being rejected from the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, Vietnamese software salesman James Nguyen spent a week driving around the festival in a minivan covered fake blood and stuffed eagles guerilla promoting his low-budget 'romantic thriller' Birdemic: Shock and Terror. This stunt caught the attention of two festival-goers, including VICE host Evan Husney, who after experiencing the film were enthusiastically compelled to release it throughout the country. Birdemic opened to massive mainstream media attention and was celebrated by audiences for its groundbreaking imperfections, some touting it 'the worst movie ever made'. Years after the Birdemic phenomenon, Husney reunites with Nguyen who is still haunted by the film's reception and desperate to restart his career.

OUTSIDER is a series that explores the lone (and often lonely) visionaries behind the world’s most colossally bizarro achievements from regional America. It’s AMERICAN MOVIE meets Anthony Bourdain as hosts Evan Husney and Zack Carlson meets each subject in their hometown to create a stark portrait of their day-to-day life and their truly singular body of work.

2016, 27 mins, Produced and Hosted by Evan Husney, Edited by Emily Wilson