Evan Husney

Laz Rojas: The Man Of 1,000 Faces


Laz Rojas: The Man Of 1,000 Faces

VICE: OUTSIDER, Episode #2

After several failed attempts to break into the film industry, aspiring actor/screenwriter Laz Rojas suddenly realized how he was going to catch Hollywood’s attention. He created the most ambitious demo tape of all time. He personally portrayed 102 different characters – every man, woman, child and alien – creating a universe populated entirely by himself. He submitted these tapes to every producer, studio and manager that he could find. He received no response. 

In the latest episode of OUTSIDER, a show that uncovers the singular minds behind the world’s strangest movies, VICE tracks down Laz Rojas, now living under unstable conditions in Los Angeles, to uncover the mystery behind the man, his work and its unlikely rediscovery.

OUTSIDER is a series that explores the lone (and often lonely) visionaries behind the world’s most colossally bizarro achievements from regional America. It’s AMERICAN MOVIE meets Anthony Bourdain as host Zack Carlson meets each subject in their hometown to create a stark portrait of their day-to-day life and their truly singular body of work.

2016, 27 mins, Produced by Evan Husney & Zack Carlson, Edited by Emily Wilson