Evan Husney

Grandmaster Y.K. Kim

'Outsider' Series

Grandmaster Y.K. Kim

Forty years ago, a homeless Korean immigrant built an Orlando martial arts empire. In 1987, he recruited his devoted students to act as amateur cast and crew for his ill-fated action movie, 'Miami Connection,' which follows a Taekwondo-themed synth-rock band in their battle against drug-dealing motorcycle ninjas. In the inaugural episode of 'Outsider,' a show that uncovers the singular minds behind the world's strangest movies, VICE investigates the fall and rise of this misfired masterpiece.

OUTSIDER is a series that explores the lone (and often lonely) visionaries behind the world’s most colossally bizarro achievements from regional America. It’s AMERICAN MOVIE meets Anthony Bourdain as host Zack Carlson meets each subject in their hometown to create a stark portrait of their day-to-day life and their truly singular body of work.

2015, 24 mins, Produced by Evan Husney & Zack Carlson, Edited by Emily Wilson